Intercultural mediation

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This section contains useful information on the intercultural mediation services that are active in Italy. 
Globalisation and the growing migration movements lead to more and more frequent occasions of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious interweaving among people coming from different contexts. This is the framework in which intercultural mediators play a fundamental role as active subjects in the process of social and cultural integration.
The definition of “intercultural mediation” evokes the nature of such role: on the one side, in fact, it intervenes by “mediating”, as a tool of synthesis between the different identity, cultural, religious and ethnic components; on the other side, the word “intercultural” includes all those aspects that shape the identity of single individuals. By acting at both individual and collective level, on the basis of a deep knowledge of all the identities involved, intercultural mediators actively intervene in social dialogue, by favouring and strengthening it. On the basis of the premises above, the figure of intercultural mediator has become progressively specialised and qualified, by performing several tasks: language interpretation, communication, information, guidance, accompanying, assistance, training, research, consulting, planning, conflict management.
In June 2013, a survey on the subject of intercultural mediation was launched at the European Union level, through the involvement of the reference persons of the National Contact Point of Integration (NCPI) of Member States.
At the same time, an in-depth analysis was made on the national situation, with particular reference to the reference regulatory framework and to the different experiences accrued in the Italian Regions.

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