This section of the Portal is aimed to help users in the search for the services provided locally and nationally in order to allow integration; they range from housing services to those targeted to the learning of the Italian language and the placement in the labour market.
All the services are organised by type of service: Italian language, Work, Housing, Basic services, Minors and Second generations, and intercultural mediation. Once the type of service is selected, it is possible to proceed according to two paths devoted to two targets: foreigners and employers (companies or family-owned businesses).
The sheets, available by service and by target, contain the lists of services and subjects, authorities and associations providing such services. They are divided as follows:
By specific type of service (Italian language, language training, advanced Italian course);
By regions (and by Provinces);
Furthermore, the page relating to each type of service, for instance “Labour”, provides key information, the relevant documents, and the links helping foreigners or companies to know the topic as well as the subjects to be addressed.