Health care

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In order to favour integration and promote a correct access to services by foreign citizens, two key problems must be faced: language and culture represent a hindrance, considering that the approach to the human body and to diseases is different in every country, and is often extremely different from ours.

If you are a foreign national with a regular residence permit for work reasons, family reasons, humanitarian asylum, application for asylum, pending adoption, foster care, or citizenship, be aware that you and your dependent family members living in Italy are entitled to the healthcare provided by the National Healthcare Service (SSN), with the same treatment and equality of rights and duties as the Italian citizens as to the amount to be paid and the cares provided.

The registration in the SSN will allow you to receive the health card, a fundamental document to access the Italian healthcare system. Furthermore, the registration in the SSN allows you to choose the LHU General Practitioner and to subsequently receive 4 credits recognised to the purpose of the Integration Agreement.

The period of validity of the right is the same as the duration of the residence permit. In order to obtain such health assistance, it is necessary to be registered in the National Healthcare Service. How?
Apply for the registration in the LHU of your Municipality of Residence or, if you are not yet resident, of the territory in which you set your domicile (the one you indicated in your residence permit).​

Conversely, if you are a foreign national regularly residing in Italy for a period exceeding three months, but your permit is different from those mentioned above, you can voluntarily register to the National Healthcare Service by means of the payment of a fee. If you are in Italy as a student or as a “au-pair” person, you are also allowed to register for periods lower than three months. In order to perform the registration, please address the LHU of your Municipality of residence or of the domicile indicated in your permit.​