Social Institutions (Patronati)

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Social Istitutions are no-profit institutions providing social guidance, set-up and managed by workers’ national associations and confederations, aiming to inform, aid and safeguard self-employed and employed workers, pensioners and single citizens. All Italian and foreign citizens may ask for advice and support to aid societies, irrespective of their membership in the promoting organisation.
In Italy, Social Istitutions are regulated by Law no. 152 of 2011.

Their main fields of activity include:
Welfare services;
Healthcare services;
Pensions and severance pays;
Supplementary pension funds;
Social security, family Law, successions, tax legislation;
Safety at the workplace.

As far as foreign citizens are concerned, aid societies – on the basis of the memoranda of understanding signed with the Ministry of the Interior, provide free-of-charge consulting and aid for the procedures relating to the issuance/renewal of residence permits and to the filing and the sending of applications on the occasion of newly-enacted Laws and the procedures for transforming undeclared work into regular employment. On the basis of the collaboration established,Social Istitutions, upon delegation of either employers or foreign citizens involved, can access the information system of the One-Stop Shop in order to collect news and provide information on the status of the procedures relating to the issuance of permits. Furthermore, employers can also address the aid societies who signed the memoranda of understanding and integrate and collect the documents to be annexed to the applications filed to One-Stop Shops.​

Desk of Social institutions throughout the national territory