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This section provides useful information if you are looking for a job or for vocational training opportunities. In fact, dedicated services exist that can guide you through the labour market and help you in accessing employment opportunities. In case of first employment and residence permit conversion procedures, the Immigration One-stop Shop is available within every Prefecture. Residence permits concern employed work, self-employed work and seasonal work.
​Please bear in mind that if you do not own the residence card, but only the residence permit, you have to renew it periodically. If you have regular documents and are looking for a job, please address the network of the Employment Centres, of associations and private agencies operating in the territory. Through them, you will be able to receive information, access opportunities and incentives, participate in training activities to find a job within the period of time provided for by the law.
The addresses of all the employment desks may be found through the search engine of the “Cliclavoro”; alternatively, surf within this section by accessing the various types of services available. In case of termination of the employment relationship, visit the Employment Centre close to you and you will be included in the job placement lists for the remaining period of validity of your residence permit, and in any case for a period of at least six months.
Many Employment Centres, especially in large cities, set up a desk dedicated to immigrants to solve work-related issues and most of all to inform about job placement opportunities. Language, cultural and intercultural mediators will help you in your training or job placement pathway.

Finally, if you are a foreign national intending to become a self-employed worker or to set-up a business and become an entrepreneur, assistance and support will be available to you through the services provided by the network of employment services, of associations, private agencies and chambers of commerce. These authorities will help you with consulting, guidance, tutoring and training services, facilitating the access to incentives for business creation and to financial resources and microcredit.